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Dental Cleanings

Plaque builds up in our teeth as we eat during the day. Plaque is a slippery, soft coating that sticks to the teeth. If it is not removed on a regular basis, plaque can cause cavities or gum disease. This explains why regular dental cleanings are paramount.


What Is Plaque?

Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth’s surface. Plaque buildup happens to everyone at one time or another.


How Does Plaque Harm Teeth?

Drinks or foods containing fermentable carbohydrates – which are sugary or starchy foods, that are broken down into sugars within the mouth – bacteria found in plaque produce acids. These acids cause the enamel to lose minerals. Although saliva naturally helps teeth to recover minerals, plaque buildup can cause teeth to lose minerals more quickly than they regain.

The bacteria in the plaque may also cause an inflammatory response, which can lead eventually to periodontal disease.

Also, if plaque isn’t cleaned up regularly with good oral hygiene practices, it can harden into Tartar. Tartar can increase your risk of tooth decay, and gum disease, and cannot be removed using a toothbrush.

You must remove plaque regularly and thoroughly. Exceedingly plaque buildup is more common for children who don’t yet know how to properly clean teeth. Plaque buildup can be difficult to remove even if you brush your teeth daily, floss regularly, and have good oral hygiene habits. This is why it’s important for children to get regular dental cleanings.

Regular Professional Teeth Cleaning For Kids

Regular teeth cleanings can remove plaque from your child’s teeth. This is vital for healthy gums. The dentist will perform professional pediatric teeth cleanings approximately twice a year. This will help reduce your toddler’s chance of getting cavities and infections. They allow your dentist to catch any problems early. Regular teeth cleanings are a good way to prevent tooth decay and gum disease from getting worse.

Healthy habits that are established early in life will make it easier for your child to maintain good oral health throughout their lives.

The Pediatric Dental Studio believes that children need to be seen regularly for their dental care. We encourage parents to bring children in regularly for cleanings and polishing. These appointments also offer your child the opportunity to learn more about his or her oral health and receive advice from a professional.

How to Prepare for a Pediatric Teeth Cleaning appointment

Our team will be performing a dental cleaning during your appointment.

  • Removing dental plaque (hardened plaque) from the teeth.
  • Polish outside stains to make your child’s teeth whiter.
  • Apply a fluoride treatment for cavities to keep your child’s smile strong.
  • Learn the best oral hygiene techniques together to keep your child’s teeth in good shape.

Dr. Rose recommends that most children get a professional cleaning once every six months. For those patients most at risk of developing cavities or with medical conditions, we recommend a professional clean every 3 months. This allows for extra antibacterial therapy to prevent cavities and an evaluation of your child’s at-home care. We will discuss your child’s needs and create an individual preventive plan to ensure a healthy smile.

This content provides general information on oral health topics. This content should not be used as a diagnosis or treatment for any disease. It should only be used in conjunction with the advice of a qualified healthcare professional who is familiar with your particular case. If you have any questions about a medical condition or treatment, consult Dr. Rose.
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