Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

A pediatric dental crown, which is a cap that looks like a tooth and is cemented on top of a tooth, is used to restore the tooth’s appearance and function. If your child needs a dental crown, we might recommend one.

  • If a cavity has become so extensive and has destroyed so many teeth that there are no more teeth left to support a white crown,
  • Soft enamel on a tooth, or if it isn’t formed correctly, and is already falling apart even without cavities.
  • Necessary for nerve treatment (a child root canal).
  • Has a cracked or broken tooth as a result of dental trauma or grinding
  • Has difficulty maintaining proper oral hygiene and is at risk for tooth decay.


How Do Dental Crowns Protect Children’s Teeth?

The dental crowns (sometimes called “dental caps”) are two-fold in protecting children’s teeth. First, they protect against tooth decay. The dental crown covers the entire tooth visible, protecting it from cavities-causing bacteria.

Second, pediatric crowns protect damaged teeth against biting and chewing forces. If a child bites down or chews on a broken or cracked tooth, it can lead to further damage. Dental crowns, made from durable materials, protect the teeth against further breakage by providing a buffer between broken teeth.

Why are crowns necessary on baby teeth?

While permanent teeth eventually replace them, primary teeth are vital.

Children can speak and chew clearly with baby teeth. Around age 6, babies begin to lose their baby teeth and they continue to fall until age 12. Too early loss of primary teeth is not an option. Implants can cause problems with the development and growth of a child’s jaw. This means that children who don’t take proper care of their primary teeth are at high risk of developing speech and chewing problems in the future.

Baby teeth can also be used to ensure that permanent teeth are properly inserted. By protecting a broken primary tooth with a crown, your child can avoid costly orthodontic work and problems like bad bites.

What Types Of Dental Crowns Are Used for Baby Teeth?

The Pediatric Dental Studio offers a variety of tooth-colored crowns to enhance the appearance of front teeth. Tooth-colored crowns can blend seamlessly with children’s natural teeth, surprising parents often. Particularly with Zirconia crowns it can be difficult to distinguish between a crowned and natural tooth.

We prefer stainless steel crowns over tooth-colored crowns for molars. This means that stainless steel crowns require less tooth damage to place than a tooth-colored ones. Stainless steel crowns also offer greater durability and are more affordable.

Book a Consultation for Caps on Baby Teeth Today

We are experienced in placing crowns for baby teeth at The Pediatric Dental Studio. Dr. Rose carefully removes as much tooth structure as possible before placing crowns. This allows for faster healing. You can call us or request an online appointment if your child needs a dental crown.

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