Digital X rays

Digital X-rays

Dental X-rays enable us to see the parts of the tooth that are not visible through the naked eye. They are a valuable tool in diagnosing tooth decay, evaluating permanent teeth formation, diagnosing bone diseases, and planning orthodontic treatments.

The Pediatric Dental Studio uses digital X-rays to provide instant results. Dr. Rose (our dentist) can examine them instantly and discuss any issues. He can also compare the images with previous years.


Why Do Kids Need Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-rays are a way for dentists and other professionals to see the inside of a patient’s mouth. X-rays are helpful in diagnosing and preventing dental problems. They aid dentists.

  • Check the depth of cavities relatively with the tooth’s root.
  • You should assess the health of the structures that support your teeth.
  • Assess for bone disease and injury.
  • You should examine the formation and function of teeth that are not yet erupted.
  • Confirm the exact location and existence of Dental Abscesses.
  • Track familial dental anomalies,
  • You can do so much more!

Do Toddlers Need Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-rays are not necessary for toddlers. Some circumstances may require dental X-rays for toddlers. For instance, X-rays can be needed to determine the extent of tooth damage if your toddler has suffered a severe injury to their mouth.

The Pediatric Dental Studio treats each patient individually. We are able to quickly and safely take X-rays of toddlers. Dr. Rose understands children’s inability to endure prolonged procedures. He walks them through their exam so that they are comfortable.

How Often Do Kids Need Dental X-Rays?

We take X-rays only when necessary to protect your child from radiation. We take X-rays as needed, according to your child’s individual needs.

Because their jaws, teeth, and mouth are still developing, children often require dental radiographs more often than adults.

Are X-Rays Safe for Kids?

Yes, pediatric X-rays for dental problems are safe, provided you take the necessary precautions. The radiation dose from dental X-rays can be very, very small. To give you an example, two bitewing radiographs (Xrays that help dentists check for cavities between the front teeth) can expose your child to about the same amount as a four-hour flight.

But children shouldn’t be exposed to radiation excessively. The Pediatric Dental Studio is always conscious of minimizing your child’s radiation exposure. Before recommending an exam, we consider the potential radiation exposure in relation to the dental health benefits the Xrays will bring your child. Low radiation, high-speed digital X-ray machines are used. This reduces radiation exposure by a lot, as well as thyroid collars and lead sleeves to further protect your child.

This content provides general information on oral health topics. This content should not be used as a diagnosis or treatment for any disease. It should only be used in conjunction with the advice of a qualified healthcare professional who is familiar with your particular case. If you have any questions about a medical condition or treatment, consult Dr. Rose.
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